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Domestic Air Conditioning Information

Within the last 10 years, air conditioning for cars has gone from being a luxury item to the point where now you can’t find a car without air con as a standard feature. The same can be said for our homes, and in the next 10 years, nearly all homes will have the same fantastic benefit of home air conditioning, also known as domestic air conditioning.

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We have all laid awake at night, struggling to sleep due to the heat and humidity on summer’s nights. Then in winter, we have all laid in bed, trying to figure out what else we can do to keep us warm when the boiler has not done the trick. Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to worry about the temperature in your house or how much it could be costing you? With our home air conditioning systems, you can make that change and create an inviting home for a much lower price than you would think. We have found that to run an indoor air conditioner constantly all year round in one room costs around just £70 and this will only get cheaper as technology helps us create more and more efficient units.

Also, they can save money on your energy bills, as you can find out below.

We have fitted AC units in almost every room you can imagine, including conservatories, which we will use as an example for the benefits of air conditioning. The only downside to these lovely additional rooms to your home is the excessive heat gain in summer and the excessive heat loss in winter, which is normally unavoidable. Direct Air Conditioning offer stylish and economical air conditioning systems that will give you an effective and efficient solution to both heat build up in summer and excessive heat loss in winter. This effects your whole house, and while the effects are most noticeable in conservatories, we install, repair and service AC units in any room within, attached to or detached from your property. When you install conservatory air conditioning, instant results can be noticed with just the flick of a switch, immediately making your conservatory a much more inviting environment to relax in, all year round. For further information, please visit our dedicated website: Conservatory Air Conditioning.

Because the government understands that home air conditioning is much better for the environment, they are encouraging UK citizens to use it by reducing VAT from 20% to 5% for home air conditioning installation. So you are saving £20 per £100 spent.

On all standard models of home air conditioning, the energy efficiency ratio is 1:5. Meaning for every kilowatt of energy you put in you get 5 out.

On a conventional boiler the ratio is 1:0.93, meaning that for every kilowatt you put in, you lose 7% of the energy! 7% may not sound like a lot initially but when you take into account the fact that in 24 hours your boiler produces around 175 kW (kilowatts) of energy but uses 190 kW to create that heat meaning you’re paying for an extra 15 kW a day. Scale this up to a year and take into account the average UK cost for 1 kilowatt hour and you’re potentially wasting a massive £579 a year!

With home air conditioning, you simply don’t have that problem. We could look at how much you would save if you used the same amount of energy powering your new air con system as a conventional boiler, a saving of £771 per year, but domestic air conditioning unit does not need the same amount of energy to run as a conventional boiler. What that means is you are immediately saving money just by installing air conditioning as a source of heat, because home aircon uses less energy and saves more than £771 per year.


By using a heat pump which extracts low temperature energy from the environment and increasing its temperature for heating purposes, the systems we install allow all year comfortable use of any room. A heat pump system, due to its innovative design, is up to 5 times more efficient than traditional gas boilers and is more than capable of warming your house completely, even during the lowest winter temperatures. The increasing popularity of these heating systems is reflected by their overwhelmingly successful application in the cold climates of Scandinavia.

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