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Home air conditioning install

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"Finally got air con and don't know how I went so long without it. Excellent service from these guys, lovely friendly staff and got a great deal on the system"
Ms Attenborough
"You took over from another company that was messing us around. Nice to deal with professionals who know what they are doing!"
Mr Wright
"Would recommend definitely, they were a breeze to work with hahaha"
Mr Cambridge

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We beat prices quoted by other Daikin home air con installers

Why Daikin Air Conditioning?

you deserve the best

Smart Controls

You can control up to 150 air conditioning systems with your smart phone or a remote control

high quality

Daikin creates air con units to the highest standard and is known for making high quality products

Low cost

Top quality yet cheaper than high end brands, plus save on repairs because Daikin AC is so reliable

energy efficient

Packed with innovations that cut your energy bills and maximise your return on investment

long lasting

With almost 100 years experience, Daikin know how to make air con units that go the distance

quiet operation

Fresh, clean, cool air at your ideal temperature yet peacefully quiet, for comfort without concern

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Why install home air conditioning?

Our four favourite reasons

Comfort No AC Unit


at home all year round

Find your ideal temperature and humidity then relax while your air conditioning system controls your climate inside, no matter how hot or cold it gets outside.

Fire Breather No AC Unit 2


Starts with clean air

The air where you live and sleep conditioned into clean, fresh air no matter how polluted your area is. A life-saving difference for people with respiratory conditions.

Black Pound Coin No AC Unit


Hundreds on energy bills

Air conditioning saves almost £350* per winter compared to boilers. Over years you could save more than the cost of air conditioning installation. Plus, VAT is 15% less.

Real Estate No AC Unit


By raising your homes value

Selling a house with air conditioning gives it an edge on the market. Some air con installations raise the homes value by more than the cost of AC installation itself.

Where in your home?

Air conditioning for any room

Living room aircon

Whether your living room is a cosy nook or one of many grand entertaining rooms, there’s only so much comfort cushions can bring.

By installing home air conditioning in your living room you, your family, friends and guests will enter a new world of comfort. Tailor the heat and humidity to your ideal environment all year round, whilst relaxing safe in the knowledge that you are breathing fresh, clean air. The extraction of particulates from the air makes this a wise choice for pet owners or those who suffer from allergies such as hay fever. If you have a respiratory condition, you may need lounge air conditioning to breath correctly.

Imagine, before driving home in the snow on Christmas Eve, after a hard years work, you open the app on your phone and see your family have the AC on already, keeping it at the normal temperature. You like it a bit hotter, so you take control of the system and turn up the heat. You smile the whole way back as you picture your family realising your almost there, your kids rushing to quickly wrap your presents before you arrive home.

Kitchen aircon

Kitchens are usually well ventilated by oven hoods, but sometimes that’s not enough. Plus, an oven hood can’t do much in terms of climate control.

By installing home air conditioning in your kitchen, you can cook, eat and entertain guests at an ideal temperature and humidity. Kitchens are the hottest spaces in homes, but you can fix that without needing to open windows for insects and air pollution to ruin your culinary experience.

Imagine it’s Christmas day and the whole family is round. The cooking is going well but it’s just so hot and stuffy, you are getting mad at everyone. Suddenly you remember and turn your kitchen air con on. Within minutes the temperature and humidity has returned to a comfortable level, and you sing and dance your way around the kitchen with justified enthusiasm. Nothing is burned, everything tastes perfect and whilst everyone toasts your amazing cooking skills, you silently thank your air conditioning unit.

Home gym aircon

A spare room, garage or purpose built home gym is becoming more common, especially since the coronavirus pandemic. For health purposes real gyms have air conditioning, so if you are serious about your fitness and health, upgrade your home gym into a real gym by installing air con.

By installing home air conditioning in your gym, you are ensuring ventilation where you need it most. Whether doing cardio, weightlifting, martial arts, yoga or anything else, your breathing is very important. Ensure you are breathing fresh, clean air rather than stale, sweaty air whilst keeping the space at the ideal temperature and humidity before and during your workout. You can turn the heat up for hot yoga or down for cold endurance training. Then, after your workout, use your gyms new air conditioning system to extract all the musky air and get rid of the smell.

Imagine it’s the new year and you decide to hit the gym. You use the app to get the room to the right temperature whilst you get changed and stretch. You do 30 minutes on the treadmill, lift some weights and warm down. Towards the end of your workout, you take a satisfied breath of fresh, clean air and chuckle at how you used to avoid deep breaths of sweaty air.

Bedroom aircon

We spend 8 hours a day, 56 hours a week, 240 hours a month, 2912 hours (121.3 days) a year asleep in our bedrooms. So it’s safe to say it’s where we spend most of our time. When asleep, proper ventilation, temperature and humidity is important, which is where your new air conditioning comes in.

By installing home air conditioning in your bedroom, whether you use air conditioning all night or just before bed, you get a better nights sleep. Leading sleep scientists agree that temperature is the most important variable for a good nights sleep, with just a few degrees difference wreaking havoc. Bedroom air con ensures you sleep at the right temperature all year round. Noise can also interrupt a good nights sleep, which is why we advise installing quiet air con, such as the models below. Finally, air conditioning ensures you are breathing clean, fresh air while you sleep, which can have a huge, long-term, positive impact on your health.

Imagine it’s summer, mid-heatwave, and you have a big day at work tomorrow, it’s the deadline for an important project. You decide not to risk the insufferable heat ruining your sleep and therefore your performance, so you set your bedroom AC to the perfect temperature and humidity. You awake the next morning with a spring in your step, ready to seize the day. Your nights sleep fuels your projects success, landing you a promotion.


Lofts are notoriously at the mercy of the elements due to being in the roof of a home. Unbearable heat in summer turns to frosty cold in winter. But with air conditioning installed in your loft, all your problems are solved.

By installing home air conditioning in your loft, you can quickly and easily control the temperature and humidity of your attic all year round. So whether you use your loft as a bedroom, gym, games room, lounge or anything else, you can do so in complete climate controlled comfort.

Imagine you’ve just converted your loft into an impressive master bedroom and spend your first night in the new space. You immediately notice the summer heat that’s risen into the loft over the course of the day. Luckily you installed air con in your loft, so you turn it on and the room is quickly bearable. You turn off the lights and sleep peacefully, happy with the masterpiece you have created.

conservatory aircon

Conservatories, like lofts, are at the mercy of the elements, because the heat and cold seeps in easily through the glass ceiling and walls.

By installing home air conditioning in your conservatory you avoid your extension turning into an unbearable hotbox in summer and freezer in winter. You can relax in peace as the temperature and humidity remain at a perfect level all year round. The alternative is opening the windows or doors, which allows insects and other pests to infest your home.

Imagine you have your friends over for dinner and decide to sit in the conversatory, because it’s such a beautiful day, but you don’t want insects to ruin your evening as they would outside. Unfortunately, the room is oven hot, fortunately you have air con. You turn it on as you plate up the food and by the time you sit down, the conservatory is the perfect temperature.

Whole Home Aircon

Fully air conditioned homes are the latest interior design trend in a world increasingly overwhelmed by pollution, airborne diseases and global warming causing colder, freezing winters and hotter, unbearable summers. What was once only available to the wealthiest UK households is now available for you and your family: the ability to control the environment of each room to within 0.5 degrees. We spend huge parts of our lives at home, so we should not have to settle for boilers and fans pushing stale air around.

By installing air conditioning in your whole house you can keep your home well ventilated and the perfect temperature, whether you want your bedroom cooler in summer or your home gym warmer in winter, with air conditioning for your whole home. Keep the family happy by providing the perfect sleeping temperature in every bedroom, with clean, fresh air pumped in and stale air pumped out without having to open windows and let in pests.

What AC Unit Suits You?

The vast number of air conditioning systems to choose from makes it difficult to decide. Here are the main things to bear in mind:


All air conditioning units can cool your space, but some will do so more efficiently than others.


Again all air con systems can ventilate your space, but some are better suited to certain room layouts.


All new air conditioning units can heat your space. Every system we install has complete climate control.


Some units come with special features and additional functions, such as near silent operation.


The shape, colour and material of the unit can be integrated with your homes unique design.


Room size needs matching to power output. Units are mostly wall-mounted, some are on the ceiling or floor.

popular aircon designs

From a range of over 380 daikin units


We are one of the few home air conditioning installers in the UK to offer this new breed of air con. These ducted systems can be installed on the top floor of a house or throughout a bungalow by utilising unused loft space. The vents can be very small and embedded in the ceiling, so are the best choice if you do not want a visible unit. Eazyzone is the most cost-effective way to get air conditioning for the whole house.


The Dakin Emura air conditioning unit has won a trophy room of design awards from both interior design and technology awarding organisations. The Emura is often called the “best looking air conditioner on the market”.

Most popular rooms for this AC unit: bedroom, living room, loft


Most popular rooms for this AC unit: living room, home gym

Perfera Floor Series

  • Design floor standing unit for optimal heating comfort thanks to unique heating features.
  • Daikin Flash Streamer technology: powerful air purification.
  • Heat plus provides 30 minutes cosy heating by simulating radiant heat.
  • Floor warming function optimises convection.
  • Seasonal efficiency values up to A++ in heating.

Most popular rooms for this AC unit: living room, conservatory


Most popular rooms for this AC unit: living room, bedroom, conservatory

how many rooms?

We can fit as many as you require

1 unit "split system"

If you only want air conditioning installed in one part of your home.

2+ unit "multi-split system"

Heat or cool multiple areas of your home with just one outdoor unit.

How Does AC Work?

Air conditioning (also called aircon or AC) is made to cool, heat and filter air.  To do this, it extracts air using fans into the indoor “evaporator” unit, where it passes through the filter of the unit, such as a Titanium Apatite Deodorising Air Purification filter (approved by the National Asthma Council). These filters trap most airborne particulates and decompose odours while absorbing and deactivating bacteria, making them perfect for turning stale air into fresh air.

After the air has been filtered, it circulates around coil structures that are heated or refrigerated based on the temperature in the room compared to your desired warmth. This works because the coils pump mixtures of special gasses that turn to and from liquid in order to transfer heat from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. It is a common misconception that air conditioning takes air in from an outdoor unit and exchanges it through the buildings indoor units. Actually, it is a far more complex process whereby the indoor unit acts as the mouth and lungs of the room, with the outdoor unit acting as a brain that ensures each connected indoor unit is at the proper temperature.

All of this is controlled simply through a wall-mounted thermostat or the Daikin app, which allows remote control from your phone, tablet, car & more.

Confused? Our experts can guide you through the process and help you choose the right system for your home

The Condenser Unit

The outdoor counterpart to your stylish interior device works with your evaporators to keep each room at the ideal temperature. The large fans in these machines quietly ventilate excess heat and cold from the intricate system of liquid and gas filled coils within, maximising efficiency. The power capability, features and more need to be matched with your interior units, so most customers leave selecting the condenser up to our qualified engineers. 

Our experts select the condenser unit that suits your home air conditioning needs, so you get to pick how many units you want and where plus the style. You can find out more about different condenser units by using the button below or contact us today and our experts will do the hard work for you.

Home air con running cost

Compared to a standard boiler

On all standard models of home air conditioning, the energy efficiency ratio is 1:5, meaning you gain 400% extra energy for every kilowatt you put in.

On a conventional boiler the energy efficiency ratio is 1:0.93, meaning you lose 7% energy for every kilowatt you put in.

7% may not sound like a lot, but if you like to have your heating on during the colder months, it adds up to a lot. In 24 hours your boiler produces around 175 kW (kilowatts) of energy but uses 190 kW to create that heat, meaning you’re paying for an extra 15 kW of wasted energy every day.

The average cost of 1 kilowatt hour in the UK is 16p, so a boiler wastes £3.84 per day compared to installing air con at home.

So see how much you could save, and what you could get with that money, by installing home air conditioning:

one week

Blue Money Bag
Saved per week
(family takeaway meal)

One month

Blue Money Bag
Saved per month
(family gym membership)

3 Months (winter)

Blue Money Bag
*Saved per winter
(family disneyland tickets)

Ten winters

Saved per decade
(new 10x8ft conversatory)

Cost of running home air con

Compared to a standard hot tub

The cost of running air conditioning depends on your system, because each is unique. However we can estimate these costs based on our experience in the industry. To make it even easier to understand, we have compared the cost of air conditioning various room sizes to the cost of running an average modern hot tub.

For less than the price of running 1 hot tub, you could run air con in 4 small rooms:

Hot tub

Blue Time Is Money
Per hour
for hot tub

Large room AC

Blue Time Is Money
Per hour
for large room

Medium room AC

Blue Time Is Money
Per hour
for medium room

Small room AC

Blue Time Is Money
Per hour
for small room


It's a breeze


We have tried to provide all the information you might need on this website. Have a look and get some ideas.


When you know what you want, get in touch by calling 0800 088 6392 or using the contact form below


Our friendly experts will listen to your wants and needs, then arrange a visit to conduct a free site survey


We get the materials ready and install the system at a time convenient to you, showing you how it works


Sit back, relax and breath easy with your new air conditioning system. We give you the first service for free

Because air con is so energy efficient, the government only charges 5% VAT instead of 20%, saving £15 for every £100 spent


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Home Air Conditioning Install faq

We have all laid awake at night, struggling to sleep due to the heat and humidity on summer’s nights. Then in winter, we have all laid in bed, trying to figure out what else we can do to keep us warm when the boiler has not done the trick. Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to worry about the temperature in your house or how much it could be costing you? With our home air conditioning systems, you can make that change and create an inviting home for a much lower price than you would think. We have found that to run an indoor air conditioner constantly all year round in one room costs around just £70 and this will only get cheaper as technology helps us create more and more efficient units.

Also, they can save money on your energy bills, as you can find out below.

We can’t give an exact answer on how much a home air conditioning system will cost to be installed as it will depend on the size of your property and in how many rooms you are wanting air conditioning units. Although this is what will dictate the final price for your home air con install, we offer the most competitive prices for installing, in our opinion, the best air conditioning units available on the market, Daikin! With their innovative and groundbreaking features, we feel that Daikin are certainly the best option for you to be getting the most from your money.

Yes, with Direct Air Conditioning you can always have access to a “home air conditioning installers near me” service. We cover all of England, Scotland and Wales so anyone that has been feeling a bit hot under the collar can get the problem solved and enjoy a breath of fresh air. You can view a list of areas that we cover, here. If your location isn’t listed on there yet, that does not mean that we do not cover your area, just that we haven’t yet created a dedicated page, still don’t hesitate to contact us for your home air conditioning installation solutions.

We believe that the best home air conditioning units that are available on the market are those that are made by Daikin. Daikin are a Japanese company who have been providing air solutions to people since 1924, so you can be assured that they are one of the most knowledgeable and experienced air conditioning unit manufacturers on the planet. Daikin are always striving to innovate the air conditioning industry wherever they can and by looking at any of their products this will be perfectly evident. Why leave yourself all hot and bothered with inferior solutions when you could get the best with Daikin.

The first instance of air conditioning being used in a residential and domestic premises is all the way back in 1910. Of course, this wasn’t in England and was actually in the United States where a air conditioner was installed in a domestic mansion in Minneapolis! In England, having air conditioning in homes is something that is still a fairly new concept to us and is not something that is seen as commonly as in other countries. However, it is certainly time we caught up and with the many wonderful services we offer, you can!

Still confused? Our experts can guide you through the process and help you choose the right system for your home

"The future is fresh, clean air for everyone"

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