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Why get an office air con unit?

Our four favourite reasons


Place to work

To maintain the best team, you need to offer the best benefits. Make your office the best place to work with a perfect climate 365 days a year, whatever the weather.

Fire Breather No AC Unit 2


Starts with clean air

The air in your entire office conditioned into clean, fresh air no matter how polluted your area is. A life-saving difference for people with respiratory conditions.


Get caught red handed

Many industries legally require proper climate control and ventilation. Offices must be a “reasonable temperature” all year, read more on the government website.

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Hundreds on energy bills

Air conditioning saves at least £350* per winter compared to boilers. Over years you can save more than air conditioning installation costs. Plus, VAT is 15% less.

Life With Office Air Con

Go the extra mile

Be the best

Although the government advises working at home, many offices remain. Installing office air con may be the winning advantage in landing top tier employees in a post-covid world.

By installing office air conditioning, you ensure a comfortable working environment no matter how hot summer gets or how cold winter gets. This is vital in ensuring employee motivation and morale, and therefore performance, whilst avoiding key team members leaving for a more comfortable environment. If your office recieves guests such as clients, investors or suppliers, then a carefully controlled climate can be the difference between the deal of a lifetime and a cold shoulder.

Imagine in the height of summer, you’re adjusting the AC on your way into your office, using your smart phone controls. On arrival, the place is perfect, and you head to your first meeting confident that you will secure the account you have been rehearsing presenting for all month. The client arrives, and immediately complains it’s too warm, you ask them what temperature they would prefer, and they are already impressed.

Choosing your air con units

The vast number of office air conditioning systems to choose from makes it difficult to pick one. Here’s what to look out for:


All air conditioning units can cool your space, but some will do so more efficiently than others.


Again all air con systems can ventilate your space, but some are better suited to certain room layouts.


All new air conditioning units can heat your space. Every system we install has complete climate control.


Some units come with special features and additional functions, such as near silent operation.


The shape, colour and material of the unit can be integrated with your office's unique design.


Room size needs matching to power output. Units are mostly wall-mounted, some are on the ceiling or floor.

popular aircon designs

From a range of over 380 daikin units


We are one of the few commercial air conditioning installers in the UK to offer this new breed of air-con. These ducted systems can be installed above office areas by utilising unused loft space. The vents can be very small and embedded in the ceiling, so are the best choice if you do not want a visible unit. Eazyzone is the most cost-effective way to get air conditioning for the whole office building.

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Air Curtains

How many rooms?

We can fit as many as you require

1 unit "split system"

If you only want air conditioning installed in one room.

2+ unit "multi-split system"

Heat or cool multiple areas of your building with one outdoor unit.

How Does AC Work?

Air conditioning (also called aircon or AC) is made to cool, heat and filter air.  To do this, it extracts air using fans into the indoor “evaporator” unit, where it passes through the filter of the unit, such as a Titanium Apatite Deodorising Air Purification filter (approved by the National Asthma Council). These filters trap most airborne particulates and decompose odours while absorbing and deactivating bacteria, making them perfect for turning stale air into fresh air.

After the air has been filtered, it circulates around coil structures that are heated or refrigerated based on the temperature in the room compared to your desired warmth. This works because the coils pump mixtures of special gasses that turn to and from liquid in order to transfer heat from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. It is a common misconception that air conditioning takes air in from an outdoor unit and exchanges it through the buildings indoor units. Actually, it is a far more complex process whereby the indoor unit acts as the mouth and lungs of the room, with the outdoor unit acting as a brain that ensures each connected indoor unit is at the proper temperature.

All of this is controlled simply through a wall-mounted thermostat or the Daikin app, which allows remote control from your phone, tablet, car & more.

Confused? Our experts can guide you through the process and help you choose the right system for your business

The Condenser Unit

The outdoor counterpart to your stylish interior device works with your evaporators to keep each room at the ideal temperature. The large fans in these machines quietly ventilate excess heat and cold from the intricate system of liquid and gas filled coils within, maximising efficiency. The power capability, features and more need to be matched with your interior units, so most customers leave selecting the condenser up to our qualified engineers. 

Our experts select the condenser unit that suits your office air conditioning needs, so you get to pick how many units you want and where plus the style. You can find out more about different condenser units by using the button below or contact us today and our experts will do the hard work for you.

business air con running cost

Compared to a standard boiler

On all standard models of commercial air conditioning, the energy efficiency ratio is 1:5, meaning you gain 400% extra energy for every kilowatt you put in.

On a conventional boiler the energy efficiency ratio is 1:0.93, meaning you lose 7% energy for every kilowatt you put in.

7% may not sound like a lot, but if you like to have your heating on during the colder months, it adds up to a lot. In 24 hours your boiler produces around 175 kW (kilowatts) of energy but uses 190 kW to create that heat, meaning you’re paying for an extra 15 kW of wasted energy every day.

The average cost of 1 kilowatt hour in the UK is 16p, so a boiler wastes £3.84 per day compared to office air conditioning.

So see how much you could save, and what you could get with that money, by installing office air conditioning:

one week

Blue Money Bag
Saved per week
(3000 sheets of A4 paper)

One month

Blue Money Bag
Saved per month
(HDMI projector and screen)

3 Months (winter)

Blue Money Bag
*Saved per winter
(top quality office chair)

Ten winters

Saved per decade
(basic interior redesign)

Cost of running office air con

Compared to a standard desktop computer

The cost of running air conditioning depends on your system, because each is unique. However we can estimate these costs based on our experience in the industry. To make it even easier to understand, we have compared the cost of air conditioning various room sizes to the cost of running .

For the same price of running 1 desktop computer, you could run air con in a small room:

Large room AC

Blue Time Is Money
Per hour
for large room

Medium room AC

Blue Time Is Money
Per hour
for medium room

Small room AC

Blue Time Is Money
Per hour
for small room

Desktop PC

Blue Time Is Money
Per hour
for desktop


It's a breeze


We have tried to provide all the information you might need on this website. Have a look and get some ideas.


When you know what you want, get in touch by calling 0800 088 6392 or using the contact form below


Our friendly experts will listen to your wants and needs, then arrange a visit to conduct a free site survey


We get the materials ready and install the system at a time convenient to you, showing you how it works


Sit back, relax and breath easy with your new air conditioning system. We give you the first service for free

Because air con is so energy efficient, the government only charges 5% VAT instead of 20%, saving £15 for every £100 spent


Tap the button to view our work

Office Air Conditioning FAQ

Office air conditioning will be a multiple air conditioning unit setup where each unit is connected to each other via ductwork which is also connected to an outdoor condenser unit. The outdoor unit is responsible for drawing fresh air from outdoors into it, passing it through a filter and then distributing this fresh, clean air throughout the property using the ductwork to reach the units and achieve this. Due to Daikin’s innovative design and features you can also set each unit to a specific function and keep everyone happy, all at the same time. By maintaining an optimal temperature it will impress any guests or clients who are made to feel comfortable and could also be a contribution to a rise in employee productivity as they are accommodated for and alert.

At Direct Air Conditioning we always advise that for any business air con it is integral to keeping your air conditioning system healthy and always providing you with the cooling performance you expect that it should be serviced at an absolute minimum of once a year. Having our air conditioning specialists in annually to check over and perform any servicing or repairs to the outdoor unit, the indoor units, and the ductwork will ensure that the system is always operating as it should and without fear of expensive damage occurring.

Through constant use this will put extra wear and tear on the air conditioning system over time, but with Daikin’s incredible and innovative air conditioning units you would be able to run them for extended periods throughout the working day should you wish to. However, these air con units are extremely impressive in their function and can cool or heat up a room, even a large room, in a fraction of the time or cost that it would take with more traditional, conventional heating systems. By having frequent servicing if you have found that you use your air conditioning particularly frequently this will ensure you are always able to keep things running smoothly.

Still confused? Our experts can guide you through the process and help you choose the right system for your office

"The future is fresh, clean air for everyone"

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