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"Finally got air con and don't know how I went so long without it. Excellent service from these guys, lovely friendly staff and got a great deal on the system"
Ms Attenborough
"You took over from another company that was messing us around. Nice to deal with professionals who know what they are doing!"
Mr Wright
"Would recommend definitely, they were a breeze to work with hahaha"
Mr Cambridge

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We beat prices quoted by any Daikin commercial air con installers

Why Daikin Air Conditioning?

you deserve the best

Smart Controls

You can control up to 150 air conditioning systems with your smart phone or a remote control

high quality

Daikin creates air con units to the highest standard and is known for making high quality products

Low cost

Top quality yet cheaper than high end brands, plus save on repairs because Daikin AC is so reliable

energy efficient

Packed with innovations that cut your energy bills and maximise your return on investment

long lasting

With almost 100 years experience, Daikin know how to make air con units that go the distance

quiet operation

Fresh, clean, cool air at your ideal temperature yet peacefully quiet, for comfort without concern

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Why get commercial air conditioning?

Our four favourite reasons

Comfort No AC Unit


at work all year round

Find the ideal temperature and humidity then you, your team, customers, clients and visitors can relax while your air conditioning system controls your climate daily.

Fire Breather No AC Unit 2


Starts with clean air

The air where you live and sleep conditioned into clean, fresh air no matter how polluted your area is. A life-saving difference for people with respiratory conditions.


Get caught red handed

Many industries legally require proper climate control and ventilation. Offices must be a “reasonable temperature” all year, read more on the government website.

Black Pound Coin No AC Unit


Hundreds on energy bills

Air conditioning saves at least £350* per winter compared to boilers. Over years you can save more than air conditioning installation costs. Plus, VAT is 15% less.

What type of business?

Air conditioning for any industry

Office air con

Although the government advises working at home, many offices remain. Installing office air con may be the winning advantage in landing top tier employees in a post-covid world.

By installing commercial air conditioning in your offices, you ensure a comfortable working environment no matter how hot summer gets or how cold winter gets. This is vital in ensuring employee motivation and morale, and therefore performance, whilst avoiding key team members leaving for a more comfortable environment. If your office recieves guests such as clients, investors or suppliers, then a carefully controlled climate can be the difference between the deal of a lifetime and a cold shoulder.

Imagine in the height of summer, you’re adjusting the AC on your way into your office, using your smart phone controls. On arrival, the place is perfect, and you head to your first meeting confident that you will secure the account you have been rehearsing presenting for all month. The client arrives, and immediately complains it’s too warm, you ask them what temperature they would prefer, and they are already impressed.

Hospitality air con

Become the host with the most and stand out from the crowd by putting your customers comfort first. In the Airbnb and Just Eat age your business needs every edge it can get.

By installing commercial air conditioning in your hotel, restaurant, bar or other hospitality business, you ensure an environment that your customers won’t want to leave. On the hottest day of the year, customers will stay in your bar all day. On the coldest day of the year, your guests can lounge poolside in their robe as they watch the snow fall outside.

Imagine it’s your hotels opening weekend, in the height of summer, and a large party from America are visiting family in the area for a wedding. On arrival, they drop their bags off at their rooms, then hurry to find the manager, asking to be upgrading to a room with air conditioning. Unfortunately, there are no such rooms, so the annoyed Americans settle in for an uncomfortable stay, each leaving a scathing review online. If only you had air con.

The pictured air con unit was custom coloured to match the décor, read more here

Gym air con

Gyms are under increasing pressure to provide members a well ventilated environment.

By installing commercial air conditioning in your gym, you ensure cool, clean air is there for people when and where they need it most. During exercise, we breath more than any other time, and nobody wants to be breathing in other peoples sweat.

Imagine it’s the middle of winter, just after new year, and your gym is welcoming a yearbook of new faces. As these new members arrive, they notice the entrance and changing rooms are comfortably warm, unlike the other gyms they tried. They work out all month, and after that month they want to stay, because they know you have gone the extra mile to put their comfort and health first.

Data centre air con

Data centres, whether it’s a few servers or an entire warehouse, need climate control.

By installing commercial air conditioning in your data centre, you avoid the hardware overheating, which can lead to catastrophic failures, irreparable damage to data, lost profits and in some cases, bankruptcy.

Imagine you wake up and check your phone, you see a notification from your air con app. The alert says that some of your server stacks were operating at maximum capacity, causing a dangerous rise in temperatures. Luckily, we installed a system that maintains the ideal temperature automatically, so the alert is coupled with a notification saying the temperature was successfully maintained throughout the night. The disaster was avoided, while you slept comfortably.

Retail air con


Walking down the high street is being replaced by surfing the internet. In order to stay relevant, they need to embrace technology, which starts with climate control. Having a store simply isn’t enough anymore, you need a destination worthy of making the trip.

By installing commercial air conditioning in your retail store, you create a comfortable space for guests to get lost in, rather than try to escape. For clothing stores, a moderate temperature is vital to allow customers to try on clothes naturally. If you sell mainly winter wear and ski supplies, turning down the temperature will both allow accurate judgements of thermal properties and show your store goes the extra mile.

Imagine owning a swimwear store that is summer-hot all year round, allowing customers to enjoy trying on their poolside attire. Both new and returning customers flock from far away to take part in the experience. Gone are the days of shivering in a dark dressing room praying the holiday will come sooner, the future is now!

Medical air con

Healthcare premises need to be clean and that starts with clean air and proper ventilation. Extracting stale air breathed by patients and replacing it with fresh air from outside, keeping patients, staff and visitors safe from any airborne and droplet carried transmissions.

By installing air conditioning in your healthcare premises you ensure patient comfort and optimal ventilation for healthcare purposes. You also ensure your practice is completely compliant with government regulations, standards and laws. Certain medical applications, such as surgical theatres, require even more specialised air conditioning and ventilation systems, to ensure minimal particulates are present that could complicate procedures. Put simply, proper ventilation is vital for healthcare.

What AC Unit Suits Your business?

The vast number of air conditioning systems to choose from makes it difficult to decide. Here are the main things to bear in mind:


All air conditioning units can cool your space, but some will do so more efficiently than others.


Again all air con systems can ventilate your space, but some are better suited to certain room layouts.


All new air conditioning units can heat your space. Every system we install has complete climate control.


Some units come with special features and additional functions, such as near silent operation.


The shape, colour and material of the unit can be integrated with your spaces unique design.


Room size needs matching to power output. Units are mostly wall-mounted, some are on the ceiling or floor.

popular aircon designs

From a range of over 380 daikin units


We are one of the few industrial air conditioning installers in the UK to offer this new breed of air-con. These ducted systems can be installed above business areas by utilising unused loft space. The vents can be very small and embedded in the ceiling, so are the best choice if you do not want a visible unit. Eazyzone is the most cost-effective way to get air conditioning for the whole building.

Fully flat cassette

Play Video

Most popular businesses for this AC unit: office, gym, retail

Round flow cassette

Play Video

Most popular businesses for this AC unit: office, gym, retail


Play Video

Most popular businesses for this AC unit: server room, office, gym

Air Curtains

Most popular businesses for air curtains: retail, hospitality

how many rooms?

We can fit as many as you require

1 unit "split system"

If you want air conditioning installed in one part of your business.

2+ unit "multi-split system"

Heat or cool multiple areas of your building with one outdoor unit.

How Does AC Work?

Air conditioning (also called aircon or AC) is made to cool, heat and filter air.  To do this, it extracts air using fans into the indoor “evaporator” unit, where it passes through the filter of the unit, such as a Titanium Apatite Deodorising Air Purification filter (approved by the National Asthma Council). These filters trap most airborne particulates and decompose odours while absorbing and deactivating bacteria, making them perfect for turning stale air into fresh air.

After the air has been filtered, it circulates around coil structures that are heated or refrigerated based on the temperature in the room compared to your desired warmth. This works because the coils pump mixtures of special gasses that turn to and from liquid in order to transfer heat from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. It is a common misconception that air conditioning takes air in from an outdoor unit and exchanges it through the buildings indoor units. Actually, it is a far more complex process whereby the indoor unit acts as the mouth and lungs of the room, with the outdoor unit acting as a brain that ensures each connected indoor unit is at the proper temperature.

All of this is controlled simply through a wall-mounted thermostat or the Daikin app, which allows remote control from your phone, tablet, car & more.

Confused? Our experts can guide you through the process and help you choose the right system for your business

The Condenser Unit

The outdoor counterpart to your stylish interior device works with your evaporators to keep each room at the ideal temperature. The large fans in these machines quietly ventilate excess heat and cold from the intricate system of liquid and gass filled coils within, maximising efficiency. The power capability, features and more need to be matched with your interior units, so most customers leave selecting the condenser up to our qualified engineers. 

Our experts select the condenser unit that suits your business air conditioning needs, so you get to pick how many units you want and where plus the style. You can find out more about different condenser units by using the button below or contact us today and our experts will do the hard work for you.

business air con running cost

Compared to a standard boiler

On all standard models of commercial air conditioning, the energy efficiency ratio is 1:5, meaning you gain 400% extra energy for every kilowatt you put in.

On a conventional boiler the energy efficiency ratio is 1:0.93, meaning you lose 7% energy for every kilowatt you put in.

7% may not sound like a lot, but if you like to have your heating on during the colder months, it adds up to a lot. In 24 hours your boiler produces around 175 kW (kilowatts) of energy but uses 190 kW to create that heat, meaning you’re paying for an extra 15 kW of wasted energy every day.

The average cost of 1 kilowatt hour in the UK is 16p, so a boiler wastes £3.84 per day compared to air conditioning.

So see how much you could save, and what you could get with that money, by installing air conditioning:

one week

Blue Money Bag
Saved per week
(3000 sheets of A4 paper)

One month

Blue Money Bag
Saved per month
(HDMI projector and screen)

3 Months (winter)

Blue Money Bag
*Saved per winter
(top quality office chair)

Ten winters

Saved per decade
(basic interior redesign)

Cost of running commercial air con

Compared to a standard desktop computer

The cost of running air conditioning depends on your system, because each is unique. However we can estimate these costs based on our experience in the industry. To make it even easier to understand, we have compared the cost of air conditioning various room sizes to the cost of running .

For the same price of running 1 desktop computer, you could run air con in a small room:

Large room AC

Blue Time Is Money
Per hour
for large room

Medium room AC

Blue Time Is Money
Per hour
for medium room

Small room AC

Blue Time Is Money
Per hour
for small room

Desktop PC

Blue Time Is Money
Per hour
for desktop


It's a breeze


We have tried to provide all the information you might need on this website. Have a look and get some ideas.


When you know what you want, get in touch by calling 0800 088 6392 or using the contact form below


Our friendly experts will listen to your wants and needs, then arrange a visit to conduct a free site survey


We get the materials ready and install the system at a time convenient to you, showing you how it works


Sit back, relax and breath easy with your new air conditioning system. We give you the first service for free

Because air con is so energy efficient, the government only charges 5% VAT instead of 20%, saving £15 for every £100 spent


Tap the button to view our work

commercial Air Conditioning Installation faq

Commercial air conditioning works to keep your business setting as a controlled environment that has regularly circulated fresh air provided to the entire area and anyone who is within that area. Depending on the style of property and the size of the inside, including any separated rooms or areas that need to be accounted and facilitated for, it is likely that you will require more than one standalone unit. By having business air conditioning it ensures that you, your workforce/employees and any professional visitors or clients will be are catered for and happy to be in a well-kept environment.

The invention of air conditioning was an idea that occurred to a man named Willis Haviland Carrier. Mr Carrier was a gentleman from Buffalo, New York who brought his genius idea of a contained air conditioning unit to life in 1902. After this revolutionary new and exciting invention began to gain recognition, it was not long before everyone wanted a slice of the cool, breezy pie. We can’t be sure when it was that the first example of commercial air conditioning actually occurred, we are confident that it came about very quickly after the invention was revealed to the world.

It is hard to give an exact for how much a commercial air conditioning unit may cost. Typically, a workspace will be a large enough area for multiple workers as well as any furniture or equipment that is required for the business. Due to the nature of a bigger building that is used for business purposes, it is more likely that you won’t need a single unit, but in fact a multitude of units combined together in what is referred to as a ‘split-system’. We will provide you with a unique, personalised quote that gives you the best possible price for commercial air conditioning.

Air conditioning for businesses can last as long as the business, or to put it in a clearer way, a very long time. That is not to say that air conditioning units are indestructible, although they are very hardwearing, but when kept in check with regular maintenance and any necessary repairs that may be required, can last and last. Our air conditioning maintenance service ensures the continued smooth running of your entire system so that the business will always continue to benefit from the wondrous effects of air conditioning.

The easiest and best way to install commercial air conditioning is by enlisting the services of our air conditioning experts. They take any of the hard work out of the process so that you can be up and running in no time and have you, your employees and any clients or guests making the most of it.

Still confused? Our experts can guide you through the process and help you choose the right system for your business

"The future is fresh, clean air for everyone"

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