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Our expert team can fully clean and service as many units as you have in your home or business. We take apart the units and use professional tools to clean inside of the units, including industrial hoovers and special brushes, combs and chemicals that destroy and extract all bacteria and leave your system fresh and clean.


Do it yourself

Air conditioners require little cleaning, but we suggest wiping the surfaces with the same care and attention you treat your other appliances with. As for cleaning the inside and the filters of the unit yourself, we recommend hiring a professional with the right tools, or lightly running your vacuum along the outside of the fragile filter.

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Air con cleaning faq

Popular questions answered

When it comes to air conditioning filters, we would always advise that you do not attempt to clean or handle a filter yourself, unless you have the right equipment and knowledge of how air conditioning units work and the safety standards that are applied to this task. This is especially important since the outbreak of the coronavirus because it is possible that your AC filter has trapped microbiological material. While this does show that your air conditioning could well have prevented you from being exposed to this unwelcome illness, by handling the filter yourself you could then become exposed to and release the microbes that are contained within the filter, affecting you and your family as well.

Not only this but it is possible that without the correct knowledge of how an AC unit functions you could unintentionally cause damage to components that would cause it to break and have you paying out for expensive repair bills. It is also important to avoid coming into contact with the refrigerant that is found in aircon units. This can be very dangerous to someone that does not hold the proper training and certifications that shows they are qualified to undertake this task!

It is important when operating on any aspect or component of an air conditioning system that whoever is doing so is correctly trained and qualified to handle the specific and potentially dangerous components of an air conditioning unit or air conditioning system. That is not to say that air conditioning is in any way dangerous, just simply that aspects such as refrigerant can be quite dangerous to a person if it is not handled correctly when dismantling and cleaning. When we conduct aircon cleaning for the condenser unit, the first step is to always ensure that everything is switched off and cannot function during the cleaning.

A quick visual inspection of the exterior of the AC unit will then determine if it has endured any damage from the elements. The removal of any leaves or debris that could potentially clog the condenser unit is important to protect the overall function of it. After this a cooling fin comb is used to straighten any bent fins back into their original position. The next step is then to remove the top of the unit and hoover out any dirt or debris that is present internally. After this we will then spray a mixture of coil cleaner and water onto the coils and leave for 5 minutes before rinsing while being careful to avoid the fan motor. Finally, the unit should be put back together, turned back on and then one final visual and audible check for any errors or anomalies.

Much like many other things, it is required by law to have air conditioning maintenance conducted at a minimum of once every twelve months. This ensures that it works correctly and without the possibility of breakages that require repairs. Therefore, an excellent way of bolstering your air conditioning to continually perform at its optimal level is to have aircon cleaning so that there is a far lower chance of things such as dirt, debris or leaves from being able to affect the ac unit at all.

At Direct Air Conditioning we advise that having your air conditioning cleaned on average once every six months gives your air conditioning the treatment that such a valuable commodity deserves. For the cost of air conditioning cleaning in comparison to how much more expensive certain repairs could be, it just makes sense to have this service instead of incurring these expensive repairs that could have been avoided otherwise. In the process of cleaning air conditioning units it also allows for a visual inspection as well. This could potentially highlight a growing fault which can then be dealt with before it becomes a bigger problem. Getting air con cleaning keeps your air conditioning units in tip-top condition.

First of all, the most important thing to do when beginning the cleaning process for air conditioning units is to ensure that all power to the units has been switched off completely. Next it is tie to open up the air conditioning unit by removing the top. After this, cleaning the evaporator coils is an important and integral step to keeping things running smoothly. This is done by clearing any dirt and debris that may have collected next to or on the coils. Coil cleaner mixed with water is then sprayed onto the coils and left for 5 minutes before being rinsed away. It is important to avoid the fan motor when removing the coil cleaner mixture so that water doesn’t enter into the motor.

Cleaning the AC drain pan will also ensure that it cannot become clogged and cause further issues. Once all of this has been done, it is now time to close and seal the unit back up again. Once everything is shut and secured safely, power can then be reapplied and checks can be done regarding the correct operation of the air con unit. Despite us explaining the steps that are required to undertake air conditioning cleaning, we do not recommend that anyone attempts their own cleaning as it could lead to physical personal damage and potentially break your AC too! Always use a qualified and trusted company such as ourselves for your aircon cleaning.

Before beginning any kind of air conditioning cleaning we always check first that no part of the air conditioning system is turned on or has power flowing to it. This way there can be no chance of potential electrocution or damage occurring to the aircon unit. In order to then be able to access the evaporator coils, the top of the unit will need to be removed. By doing this it gives a clear view and provides the ability to access the inner components found inside of an air conditioning unit.

A visual check throughout the interior, especially around the coils themselves, will tell us if dirt and debris has accrued inside. Hoovering out all of this build up, if there is build up, means that it cannot accumulate to a point where it begins to affect the correct operation of the unit and individual components too. We then apply a mixture of coil cleaner and water that is left on the coils for around a 5 minute period so it can soak in. At the end of the 5 minutes, this is then rinsed away with water, while also being careful not to get water around the fan motor. Finally, the unit I then reassembled and operated to check that nothing is faulty or incorrect. This is how we clean all air conditioning units.

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