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Check out the full range of business air conditioner remote controls below, these are remote controls for commercial aircon. Check out our voice activated, app and home controls pages for more options.
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Before you start selecting, you may want to know some basic information about these aircon controllers. When it comes to business air conditioner remote controls, we are the best in the industry! From basic wall mounted dials, to fully expanded intelligent touch manager systems, we have everything to suit your needs. We aim to keep this list up to date, but there may be one or two new designs available that we have not listed yet. One of our friendly experts can inform you of any unlisted new AC control panels when you contact us.

Madoka wall mounted touchscreen controller

  • The “Madoka” controller, Madoka is the Japanese word for circle and flower.
  • Symbol driven interface with easy to use touchscreen controls.
  • Compact 85mm square design fits into any aesthetic.
  • Automatic daylight savings time adjustment.
  • Intuitive app to set schedules, energy-saving functions and monitor usage.
  • Further programming options for advanced users via the app.
  • Integration features for business customers such as keycard connectivity.
  • Cost-effective infrastructure cooling with duty rotation and backup operation.
  • Optional integration with Intelligent Touch Manager (ITM*).

Basic wall mounted dial controller

  • Wired thermostat with ultra-simplistic, classic dial control.
  • Compact 86mm square design fits into any aesthetic.
  • Precise temperature control.
  • Contemporary design.
  • Optional integration with Intelligent Touch Manager (ITM*).

Pro wall mounted detachable touchscreen controller

  • Control units throughout your building with this intelligent tablet.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Comes with discreet wall bracket.
  • Control your system via WIFI.
  • Field router required.
  • Optional integration with Intelligent Touch Manager (ITM*).

Wall-mounted detachable controller

  • One of our favourite new air con controllers.
  • Wireless thermostat with button controls.
  • Slide down the panel for more options.
  • Precise temperature control.
  • Contemporary design.
  • Uses AAA batteries.
  • Optional integration with Intelligent Touch Manager (ITM*).

*Intelligent Touch Manager

  • Control 512 units as one system, then expand to control unlimited systems online.
  • For large businesses with significant infrastructure management requirements.
  • User-friendly interface to control multiple climates from anywhere at any time.
  • Monitor your energy use, detect energy waste and optimise energy efficiency.
  • Integrate climate control with lights, alarms, sensors, elevators and more.
  • Read the brochure for more information on Intelligent Touch Manager.

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 Business Air Conditioner Remote Control

When trying to maintain a productive work environment, such as an office or commercial space, you need air conditioning to be performing well and up to standard. Also depending on the conditions, the AC needs to be responsive and intuitive, so that it suits any situation. This is where business air conditioner remote controls come in! Whether you need to heat or cool your environment with air conditioning, remote controls will give you complete climate control without you having to get up off your chair! Remote controls, such as the commercial Daikin AC remotes, are specially designed to provide the ultimate control of an air conditioning unit, meaning you can program every aspect of your AC remotely.

Some Daikin AC remote controls even come with multiple unit functionality and screens, which means you can control multiple air conditioning units with one remote! Along with practicality, the Daikin AC remotes are also easy to use and very intuitive. Forget reading through a hundred-page manual, as the business air conditioner remote control is easy to pick up and operate right off the bat! 

Business Daikin AC Remote Control FAQ

Whatever your Daikin unit, these remote controls will be compatible with them! These remote controls are aimed at business air conditioners, however we also have a home air conditioner remote control section, if you’re looking for something smaller and/or more basic for your home!  

Dpeneding on your situation and how many air conditioning units you have installed in your commercial space, you might be able to control all of them with one remote control. Business air conditioner remote contols  such as the pro wall mounted detachable touchscreen controller are specially designed to be the one-stop control panel for all air conditioning units which are integrated into the system. This means ultimate control for AC  units at your fingertips!

If you don’t like your business air conditioner remote control being mounted on a wall, you can invest in detachable remote controls! Some of our Daikin AC remotes are detachable, and can be carried in your hand or pocket whenever you feel like adjusting the tempaerateure! The controller will let you heat and cool your space, as well as program timers and different settings. The control even comes with a display, so you can easily tell  what temperature the room is at, as well as the time and what settings are on.

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