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"Would recommend definitely, they were a breeze to work with hahaha"
Mr Cambridge
"You took over from another company that was messing us around. Nice to deal with professionals who know what they are doing!"
Mr Wright
"Finally got air con and don't know how I went so long without it. Excellent service from these guys, lovely friendly staff and got a great deal on the system"
Ms Attenborough

Some Cool Customers

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We beat prices quoted by other Daikin home air con installers

Why Daikin Air Conditioning?

you deserve the best

Smart Controls

You can control up to 150 air conditioning systems with your smart phone or a remote control

high quality

Daikin creates air con units to the highest standard and is known for making high quality products

Low cost

Top quality yet cheaper than high end brands, plus save on repairs because Daikin AC is so reliable

energy efficient

Packed with innovations that cut your energy bills and maximise your return on investment

long lasting

With almost 100 years experience, Daikin know how to make air con units that go the distance

quiet operation

Fresh, clean, cool air at your ideal temperature yet peacefully quiet, for comfort without concern

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Why install Air Source Heat Pumps?

Invest in your future

Comfort No AC Unit


at home all year round

Get the perks of old gas boilers: warmth radiated throughout your home, hot water for showers, baths, laundry and more, from cleaner energy built to last lifetimes.

Burning building 3


The ones you love

Whether it’s global warming causing extreme weather, or old boilers exploding, upgrading to a modern air pump system safeguards your families future.

Black Pound Coin No AC Unit


Money and the world

The energy efficiency of electric air-to-water heat pumps means they save a 4-bed home at least £395 each year compared to a gas boiler with far less CO₂ emissions.

Real Estate No AC Unit


By raising your homes value

 Old, inefficient gas systems put off some buyers. A home with air source heating has an edge on the market and can increase value by more than installation costs.

Okay, they sound great, but what actually are they?

There are two types

Air to water heat pump

Gas prices are rising and supplies are running out, so electric-based heat pumps and boilers will soon be the only choice. These systems can run on renewable energy, which saves the planet from extreme weather disasters, this is part of why the government is banning gas boiler installations from 2025.

Air to water heat pumps are made to be integrated easily with existing or future plumbing and solar panels. The advanced Daikin heat pumps we install are the most efficient hot water sources available, plus inverter-driven compressors and natural convection heat distribution means quiet indoor and outdoor units. Plus, you can hide your heating underfloor, in the walls, or in the ceiling.

Imagine, on the darkest night in the depths of winter, 3 AM on a Tuesday. Your phone rings, it’s your friend, they’ve had a gas leak and need a place to stay for the night. Sitting up in bed, you say okay, don’t panic, and use the app to warm the living room for when they arrive, and the underfloor heating so you can walk barefoot to the kitchen and make tea. While you think about the times you’ve been there for each other, you look outside at the snowstorm, feeling warm tiles on your feet, and see them come to the door. You share the tea while they rant about the nightmare they’ve had, and soon they cheer up and fall asleep on the sofa.

Air to air heat pump

If you are happy with your current hot water setup but want to breathe fresh, clean air that is cool in summer and hot in winter, an air to air heat system is right for you.

It is difficult to use one section of this page to explain the many benefits of air to air heat pumps, which is why we have dedicated most of this website to them. Put simply, air to air heat pumps enable the installation of fitted air conditioning, which is becoming as popular in the UK as it is in the US and other countries. Radiators can heat your home, but what about in the middle of summer when even your trusty fan cant help you?

Imagine you wake up every summers day after a peaceful nights sleep, breathing clean air with 99.9% of contaminants and odours neutralised. Imagine relaxing on the sofa, cuddled up with your dogs and cats, safe in the knowledge no fleas have entered through open windows and infected them with some new disease. Imagine rapidly cooling or heating any room in your home by the time you enter it, with Alexa voice commands or smartphone app controls. Imagine all this and more, it can all be yours, when we install your new air to air heat pump.

Get more out of your air to water heat pump with altherma radiators

Or keep your existing radiators

Traditional wall

neo wall

Concealed ceiling

Discreet wall

Underfloor heating

you get to pick radiators and ac units, which rooms they will go in, we do the rest

We can fit as many room as you require

How Do air to water heat pumps work?

Air to water heat pumps are made to heat water for use in plumbing systems such as radiators, showers, baths and sinks.  To do this, it utilises an advanced water boiler similar to what you probably already have in your building. This takes water from the mains supply and heats it, however, it does this in a different way to traditional gas or electric boilers, which is what gives it unique energy efficiency advantages.

The water circulates around coil structures that are heated based on the temperature settings chosen by the user, usually 55 or 60 degrees. This works because the coils pump mixtures of special gasses that turn to and from liquid in order to transfer heat from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. It is a common misconception that air pumps take air in from an outdoor unit and exchange it through the indoor units. Actually, it is a far more complex process whereby the indoor boiler unit acts as a metaphorical heart, with the outdoor unit acting as a brain that ensures the boiler and connected indoor units (radiators, showers, etc that form the arms and legs in the continued metaphor) are at the proper temperature. This means you get greater control over the temperature of the water at each destination, for example, heating different rooms to different temperatures throughout your building.

All of this is controlled simply through the intuitive boiler control panel, a wall-mounted thermostat or the Daikin app, which allows remote control from your phone, tablet, car, voice & more.

Confused? Our experts can guide you through the process and help you choose the right system for your home

The Condenser Unit

The outdoor counterpart to your stylish interior device works with your boiler to keep water at the ideal temperature in various parts of the building. The large fans in these machines quietly ventilate excess heat and cold from the intricate system of liquid and gas filled coils within, maximising efficiency. The power capability, features and more need to be matched with your interior plumbing infrastructure, so most customers leave selecting the condenser up to our qualified engineers.

Our experts select the condenser unit that suits your air pump needs, so you get to pick the type of air pump you want and if you would like any advanced heating installed, what style you would like and where, without needing a degree in air to water heat pump science. You can find out more about different condenser units by using the button below or contact us today and our experts will do the hard work for you.

Different heat pumps have different advantages

Low temperature systems are usually best for homes

Low temp air pump

Hot water heated to 55℃ for radiators, underfloor heating and more. Heating and cooling available using these heat pumps.

High temp air pump

Hot water heated to 80℃ for domestic hot water requirements including high-temperature radiators, underfloor heating and more. Heating and cooling available using this heat pump.

Air & Gas Hybrid

The perfect combination of air to water heat pump and traditional gas condensing boiler technology for customers who still want to use traditional gas power.

Commercial air pump

A large outdoor unit provides facilities such as apartments, hotels, and sports gyms with a plentiful supply of hot water.

How much can i save by switching to an air to water heat pump?

Compared to a standard boiler

Energy bills are a constant pain, and are why our customers invest in heat pumps to save money in the long term. When we install your heat pump, you could save £476 per year compared to an oil boiler and up to £377 compared to a gas boiler, due to the better energy efficiency air-and-electricity systems.

Heat pumps get better results with less effort, like cycling down a hill compared to cycling uphill.

Plus, you may be eligible for government funding, due to our government supporting switching to cleaner energy in order to save the environment and avoid climate disasters, cutting the cost for some customers. You may also spread the cost over time through finance instead of making one payment. It’s clear why these new systems are increasingly popular; over the years of owning a heat pump, it can pay for itself and save you thousands of pounds, while gas boilers are set to be banned in new homes in 2025. For more information, view the savings table below or check out the price guide brochure. This is without taking into account the fact that air to water heat pumps will make your property more desirable if you decide to sell, allowing your to raise your asking price.

Because you are on a phone, the table will be hard to read, you can find a larger version on page 7 of the price guide.

You can read about government funding in the price guide, too!


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Air Source Heat Pump Install FAQ

Because every building and each customer is different, we cannot provide a one-size-fits all quote. For example, the cheapest system would be to a heat pump that replaces a persons current boiler, but without knowing more about the property, we wont know where we can install the outdoor unit, and the distance and obstructions between the outdoor unit and the boiler can increase the price. Our experts can talk you through the cost involved when you contact us, and the quote is completely free of charge and no obligation. However what we can say is that this is a long term investment that costs £1000’s, rather than £100’s, and we always give you the best price because of our Best Price Promise. And, where possible, we will advise you on how to take advantage of government grants to minimise the cost and maximise the return of your investment.

Daikin Altherma radiators are whisper-quiet, perfect for meditation rooms, bedrooms and anywhere else you want peace and quiet.

Still confused? Our experts can guide you through the process and help you choose the right system for your home

"The future is fresh, clean air for everyone"

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