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Check out the full range of home air conditioner controllers below, these are remote controls for home aircon. Check out our voice activated, app and commercial controls pages for more options.
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Before you start selecting, you may want to know some basic information about these aircon controllers. Here at Direct, we provide the ultimate climate control solutions for homes, be it Heating, Cooling, or anything in between. However, we also know that the ultimate cooling solutions are nothing without an easy to use and intuitive controller. Without one, the whole process of adjusting your desired temperature would be exhausting and cumbersome. This is why we provide the best climate control in the form of AC controls, which are also remote! Easy to use and versatile, these controls are a breeze to use, letting you program your AC however you want from the comfort of your couch or bed. We aim to keep this list up to date, but there may be one or two new designs available that we have not listed yet. One of our friendly experts can inform you of any unlisted new AC control panels when you contact us.

Madoka wall mounted touchscreen controller

  • The “Madoka” controller, Madoka is the Japanese word for circle and flower.
  • Symbol driven interface with easy to use touchscreen controls.
  • Compact 85mm square design fits into any aesthetic.
  • Automatic daylight savings time adjustment.
  • Intuitive app to set schedules, energy-saving functions and monitor usage.
  • Further programming options for advanced users via the app.
  • Integration features for business customers such as keycard connectivity.
  • Cost-effective infrastructure cooling with duty rotation and backup operation.

Basic wall mounted dial controller

  • Wired thermostat with ultra-simplistic, classic dial control.
  • Compact 86mm square design fits into any aesthetic.
  • Precise temperature control.
  • Contemporary design.

Wall-mounted detachable controller

  • One of our favourite new air con controllers.
  • Wireless thermostat with button controls.
  • Slide down the panel for more options.
  • Precise temperature control.
  • Contemporary design.
  • Uses AAA batteries.

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Heat or cool multiple areas of your home with just one outdoor unit.

Home Air Conditioner Controllers

With great air conditioning units, comes the ultimate climate control for your home. However, it also comes with a choice, letting you, the customer choose how you want to control your brand new, great AC! If you want the most advanced solution for the best control of your AC, choose the legendary Madoka Wall Mounted Touchscreen Controller! This advanced unit lets you program and monitor your AC unit from your phone, and is a winner of multiple design awards! 

If you are looking for something simpler, more traditional, then choose the Wall Mounted Detachable Controller. This intuitive remote control is a powerful control panel for your air conditioning unit, however, it’s as easy to use as your TV remote! The Sleek, Stylish design makes it look great, as well as lets you store it on a wall near your AC. 

The last controller option is most likely the most similar to conventional heating and cooling controls, being a wired thermostat that lets you have complete control over your AC on the wall it’s mounted on. Whilst this is the most basic controller, it is just as powerful as the other ones, however, it’s not remote like the others. Here at Daikin, we highly recommend the Madoka, which is quickly becoming a staple for modern AC units, however, the choice is ultimately yours, and that is the Direct Difference! Get the best for less without the stress, only at Direct Air Conditioning.  

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