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Before you start selecting, you may want to know some basic information about these aircon units. When choosing air conditioning for your home or business, it’s important to take into consideration the different aspects of the room. For example, if the particular room doesn’t have any space on the walls for air conditioning units, one should consider getting floor mounted air conditioning instead! Our floor mounted AC units are absolutely the best of the best, as we source them from our partner Daikin, who are leaders in the AC industry. Their floor mounted units are amongst the most advanced and energy-saving ones available on the market today, so check them out below. We aim to keep this list up to date, but there may be one or two new designs available that we have not listed yet. One of our friendly experts can inform you of any unlisted new units when you contact us.

Dual Airflow Floor Standing

  • Floor standing unit for optimal heating comfort thanks to dual airflow.
  • Bluevolution range: lower environmental impact.
  • Daikin residential controller via app.
  • Quiet operation.

Floor Or Window Concealed FN & FWS Series

  • Designed to be concealed in walls.
  • High ESP allows flexible installation.
  • Discretely concealed in the wall.
  • Requires very little installation space.
  • Ideal for installation beneath a window.
  • Ideal for installation in offices, hotels, and residential applications.

Large Floor Standing AVA, FVA & FVQ Series

  • For commercial spaces with high ceilings.
  • Combining with R-32 Bluevolution technology lowers your environmental impact.
  • Selectable horizontal airflow to better suit the layout of the area (via wired remote controller).


  • Elegant floor standing unit with radiant heat panel for comfortable heat and very low noise.
  • Online controller (optional).
  • Radiant heat.
  • Seasonal efficiency values up to A++ in cooling and heating.

Perfera Floor Series

  • Design floor standing unit for optimal heating comfort thanks to unique heating features.
  • Daikin Flash Streamer technology: powerful air purification.
  • Heat plus provides 30 minutes cosy heating by simulating radiant heat.
  • Floor warming function optimises convection.
  • Seasonal efficiency values up to A++ in heating.

Standard Floor Standing

  • Floor standing unit.
  • AC fan motor unit for vertical mounting.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Fast-on connections for electrical options: no tools needed.
  • Electric heater with two overheat-detecting cut-out thermostats.
  • Quick wall-mount installation.
  • Electric heater: no relay up to 2kW.

Stylish Floor Standing

  • Floor standing unit.
  • For perimeter zone air conditioning.
  • Can be installed freestanding.
  • Requires very little installation space.
  • Ideal for installation beneath a window.
  • Raised installation facilitates cleaning beneath the unit.
  • A stylish unit that blends easily with stylish interiors.

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Floor Mounted Air Conditioning

Our Floor mounted air conditioning units are perfect for rooms of all shapes and sizes. Whether you have small, private living room, or a large commercial space, these floor mounted units will give you complete climate control, with comfort levels several magnitudes higher than most other heating and cooling solutions! These floor mounted AC units are amongst the quietest and most efficient air conditioning solutions for any room. They have unparelled energy efficiency, combined with instant temperature relief, as they are installed closest in proximity to you, unlike wall mounted or ceiling mounted air conditioning units

The benefits of floor mounted AC units don’t stop there, however, as they also are energy saving, and are guaranteed to save you money on bills. Unless obstructed, they also provide even heating and cooling across the whole room, as well as air filtration, which will keep your room pollutant-free and full of clean air. Fully concealed options also exist, which leaves only the vents exposed, provided your room meets certain criteria. If you would like to find out further, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask! Join the AC revolution today, only at Direct Air Conditioning! 

floor mounted Air Conditioning FAQ

All air conditioning units can cool rooms, however the size of the unit should be matched to the size of the space. Domestic units will generally cool, heat, filter, clean and dehumidify the air of the largest rooms in your house. Commercial units vary drastically in size, so that even the largest conference centre can receive the same plethora of benefits as a small office.

You’ve heard of, or seen wall mounted and ceiling mounted air conditioning units before, now get ready for a new innovation in AC technology, the Floor mounted air conditioning unit! The AC units can absolutely be mounted on a floor level, and provide the same function and cooling capabilities as the wall or ceiling mounted units! The best thing about floor mounted AC units, is that being part of the floor, they are often quicker to heat and cool the surroundings, rather than the wall mounted or ceiling mounted units. The floor itself can be heated or cooled, which will provide instant temperature relief! 

Being closer to your AC, means the system itself is easier to access and control, which means a better experience for your home or business. The system itself works with either a “Single Split” System, which as the name suggests is a single inside unit, directly connected to the outside unit. However, the floor mounted AC allows for a “Multi-Split” System, which means 2 or more units can be connected to the same outside units, meaning you can spread other floor AC units and provide air conditioning for whole house! So, don’t hesitate, as we are the premium home air con installation specialists

There are many different benefits when it comes to owning a floor mounted air conditioning unit. One of the main reasons to get Floor mounted AC, is that whenever you turn it on you will feel the effect immediately. Unlike wall mounted or ceiling mounted air conditioning, as the higher the AC is, the longer it will take to feel the effect. Floor mounted AC is the closest to the ground, and will also warm up or cool your floor, depending on the settings and output of the AC. When floor mounted AC is heating, it will feel almost like a fireplace in your home!

Another benefit to having floor mounted AC, is that there is no need to hang it on the wall or ceiling, keeping those spaces free, which can make your home or business more aesthetically appealing, especially if you’re going for a special look or theme to the room. If the floor AC is concealed, it will be almost invisible to the naked eye! So, if you’re looking for air conditioning that is equally as powerful and efficient as any other, and doesn’t mess up the room’s feng shui, floor mounted air conditioning is the perfect AC for you! Or, if we still haven’t convinced you, consider our other, popular wall mounted air conditioning units, or ceiling mounted air conditioning units!

With floor mounted air conditioning, you might wonder if it will stand out and ruin the look of your room. The matter of fact is, floor mounted AC is specially designed to blend into the surroundings, and not draw attention. However, if it’s still not enough, and you feel like you want to make your floor mounted AC invisible, then fear not, as floor AC can be concealed! Just like concealed ceiling air conditioning, floor mounted AC can be hidden away behind the wall, and not only become invisible to the naked eye, it also clears more room for all your nice things! 

Whilst floor mounted AC is ideally suited for large rooms and spaces, be they domestic or commercial. However, with concealed floor AC, you could potentially install it in any size room, and it won’t invade on your precious space. So, if you’re looking for the best floor mounted AC, you’re in the right place! You can enquire about any of our models on the contact form below, however if you’re looking for any other types of air conditioning, have a look at our wall mounted air conditioning units, and our ceiling mounted air conditioning units!

With Floor Mounted AC, you might be worried that it will take up too much space in your room. Depending on the size of your floor AC, it can take up a large part of your lower wall, if not your whole wall, when installed.  This can decrease the overall look of the room, and even prevent you from utilizing the space properly! Another worry is that the floor AC operation will be obstructed by the furniture in the surroundings, and therefore blocking the airflow and being ineffective in certain spots in the room. 

The good news is, is that floor mounted AC remains just as effective, as you can feel the room get colder or hotter almost immediately. Chances are, you won’t have to redecorate your room, especially if the floor AC is concealed, as it create more space in general. The only downside to floor AC, which is obstructed airflow, can only happen if you actively block the vents. This would mean that whilst you don’t have to redecorate, you probably shouldn’t put too much furniture directly in front of the grille and vents, when they are in operation.

If you want total freedom and control of your floor space however, we recommend checking out wall mounted air conditioning units, or ceiling air conditioning units, as we can install any AC anywhere, as we are the best home air con installation and commercial air conditioning installers around! 

With all the benefits that floor mounted air conditioning units bring, it would be easy to think that they are more expensive to buy and install. Whilst prices vary, this is mostly untrue, as however much the units cost, the price is offset by the amount it produces in savings over the years! With floor mounted air conditioning, you don’t have to wait for the cold or hot air to fill the room, like you would with wall or ceiling mounted air conditioning,  the benefit is instantaneous, which you won’t have it on as long as the other types of air conditioning, which can save you even more money!

The only downside to this, is making sure to keep the space clear around floor mounted AC units, in order to cool the room. This is where a choice has to be made for your home or business. You can either choose AC which is close to your and makes your climate comfortable instantly, in which chase click any of our floor mounted AC units above to directly get in touch. Or, if you want to maximise your floor space, go for the wall mounted air conditioning units!

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