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Why wrap air conditioning units

The finishing touch

Stand out

From the crowd

Celebrate aircon units as modern works of art by making them more visible. Our favourite requests so far have been metallic gold and a NASA spaceship design.

Blend in

With your design

Disguise your air conditioning units so that they disappear into bushes or bricks outside and fit in with the stylish interior design of your home or business.

Interior Air Con Unit Wrapping

Let your imagination run wild


One of the oldest complaints that stops some customers from getting air conditioning is the addition of air con units to otherwise meticulous interior designs. Some people let the looks of the devices get between them and the amazing heating, cooling, ventilating and air filtering benefits. We have the answer: wrap the units to match your design style.

Our air conditioning wrapping specialists can work with your ideas to help you transform your units into beautiful feature pieces that you and your guests love.

Commercial clients often want their air conditioning units branded with their logo, brand colours or both. We have also been asked to add a cool infographic to a kitchen air con unit, which showed the worlds hottest chillies along with their Scoville heat rating.

Exterior Air Con Unit Wrapping

Not just another brick in the wall


The outdoor counterpart to your indoor air con unit has just as much reason for some to want wrapping. We recently enjoyed adding an infographic of common British bird species to one aspiring ornithologist AC unit, so they can tell robins from chaffinches.

Add a vibrant design to your outdoor unit to brighten up even the dreariest winters day.

However, most of our customers want us to simply blend their unit in with the bricks, wood, bushes etc that they are surrounded by. In doing so, these usually noticeable devices fade into the background and become a natural extension of your property.

Why go direct?

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Get the best for less

Our air con unit wrapping service is available for the lowest price and we will beat any quote

The latest technology

Our workshops have lazer printers, cutters and dyeing machines for ultimate quality

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Every single air con installation is different, find out your options free of charge, guaranteed

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We're part of FM Solutions Group, one of the UK's most trusted facilities management groups

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Air conditioning wrappers who also install, service and repair all kinds of air con installations

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Air con unit wrapping anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales, from Lands End to John O Groats

No Hidden Fees Guaranteed

Unlike some air con wrapping companies, we quote what you pay, plus we offer finance

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Air Con Unit Wrapping Process

It's a breeze


We have tried to provide all the information you might need on this website. Have a look and get some ideas.


When you know what you want, get in touch by calling 0800 088 6392 or using the contact form below


Our friendly experts will listen to your wants and needs, then create designs based on your ideas


We get the designs ready and when you are happy, you pay, we print and install at a time convenient to you


Sit back and enjoy your upgraded air con system. We can rewrap units if you redo your interior design later

Air con wrapping faq

Popular questions answered

We offer packages from as little as £399 but prices for air con wrapping do vary based on the size and model of the unit as well as how many units you would like us to wrap. You can be sure to get the best price with us, because of our Best Price Promise!

No, we recommend getting it wrapped instead, because paint can both damage the electronic components inside the air con unit, and is more likely to deteriorate over time.

Instead of getting an air conditioning unit painted, wrapping achieves better results. Wrapping allows your system to suit your design scheme better due to allowing a broader choice of aesthetics, from colours to patterns. So whether you want your air conditioning to blend in with a brick wall or stand out with your brand logo or a piece of art wrapped around it, we can help.

Vinyl Wrapping is the process of creating a custom colour scheme for your Air Conditioning appliance, without the need for paying for expensive recolours, which can be bad for your AC. This process involves putting a colourful film or graphic over your air conditioning, which can make your AC blend in to your surroundings, or make it look more aesthetic compared to the factory standard

When having your AC installed, the most common unit colour is white. This might not go with the colour scheme for your home or commercial business, and therefore you might be inclined to change it. There is no better way to do that, than with our AC wrapping! It is safer and lasts longer than painting your AC, which can damage the parts inside of it. We can wrap your AC with almost any custom design or colour, so if you’re interested, get in touch today! 

One of the best ways to make your air conditioning less noticeable, is to wrap it in a graphic or colour scheme which matches your home. Our air conditioning wrapping service can make your outside AC unit invisible, blending in perfectly with the surroundings. and making sure it doesn’t attract any unnecessary looks. Whether your home or business is brick, wood or painted, we can emulate this on the wrap sheet itself, using high quality photographs of your wall, which we then use on your AC!

This service is also unique to our business, as along with Daikin, we are one of the first implementers of this technology.  We also don’t just offer camouflage wraps, which make your AC invisible. We can print and install almost any colour or graphic of your choosing, onto the AC! This means you can have vibrant and colourful design AC, invisble, camouflaged AC, or a mix of both! Check out our range of different units we do on the unit selector, and decide for yourself where you want to wrap your units! Be it your ceiling mounted air conditioning units, floor mounted air conditioning units, or wall mounted air conditioning units

With our wrapping service, we can almost guarantee we can colour match most walls, and give you the ultimate AC look. When it comes to hiding your AC, we can camouflage it and make it way less noticeable, which can help your commercial business or home. For example, it’s important to hide air conditioning in museums and art galleries sometimes, as to not interfere with the specific art installations, which is where our camouflaged air conditioning would come in, making it blend into the wall as much as possible.

On the other hand, if you are an eccentric person with a colourful personality and home, you can show it off even more by wrapping your air conditioning unit in the craziest colours you desire! Impress your friends with your Andy Warhol inspired theme, making your AC look like a modern work of art! Along with Daikin, we are one of the few businesses that offer this wrapping service, so if you’re interested, check out our other colours of air conditioning units and get in touch today! Or if you prefer to look at our standard unit colours, check out metal or silver air conditioning units.

The greatest thing about our wrapping services, is that we can wrap almost any unit, be it an indoor one or an outside unit! We can minimise the visual impact of the outside condensers, which makes your garden or outside area more aesthetic and pleasant for you, your neighbours or your customers! 

Our wrapping service is made using the highest standards, making sure each panel of the AC is removed, wrapped and then carefully replaced. Our wrap sheet also contains a laminate cover, in order toy protect your AC from the elements, giving it protection against sun bleaching and wet marks. We can also professionally paint the grill of the AC unit, which will help blend it into the surroundings, using specialised paint as to not interfere with the unit’s operation. We can also guarantee that our wrapping service does not cover any vents or openings, and won’t obstruct any servicing or maintenance jobs, making sure they can be carried out as normal. 

Confused? Our experts can guide you through the process and help you choose the right system for your property

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