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"Our server room AC broke down overnight, I got an alert on my phone and direct came over right away and fixed it before we had any issues. All I could ask for"
Ms Kolah
Business Owner
"Would recommend definitely, they were a breeze to work with hahaha"
Mr Cambridge
"You took over from another company that was messing us around. Nice to deal with professionals who know what they are doing!"
Mr Wright

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There are laws stating most AC units need regular checks, to ensure safety, find out more here

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Some AC warranties need regular servicing to be valid, check your AC manufacturers warranty info

"How much to service air conditioning near me"

Below are some example packages, so you can get an idea of what air conditioning servicing costs. These prices are before VAT and based on standard air con installations.

Yearly packages can be paid yearly via contract, or all at once for a small discount.

£99 once


Full service

Full clean

Full report


£89 yearly


1 per year

Min 3 years

Save £10 PA

Most popular

£79 yearly


2 per year

Min 10 years

Save £200 PD

Most Efficient

£35 per unit


Once or yearly

Min 5 units

VRV check

For Businesses



Mix services

Any # years

Any # units


"Air Conditioning repair near me"

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"Air conditioning repair near me" that you receive quickly, so your life is barely effected

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We'll beat any quote, each AC setup and repair is unique so there are no standard prices

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We have teams of air con repair engineers near you on standby, we are just a call away

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Air conditioning repair near me

Looking for air conditioning service near me? Or air conditioning repair near me? The experts at Direct Air Conditioning are here to help! We offer the best air conditioning services and air conditioning maintenance in your area. Our expert team offers short and long term servicing plans, meaning you will never have to worry about finding “AC service near me”, or your air-con breaking down ever again!

Direct Air Conditioning are specialists when it comes to HVAC systems, and we are the number 1 rated “air conditioner service near me” and “air conditioner repair near me” in your area.  We take pride in being fully qualified and licensed to perform any service to the highest standard, and with over 3,000 clients serviced, all our customers agree that we leave nothing but satisfaction and a gentle, cool breeze wherever we go.

Is there AC service near me? Our mission:

If you’re confused about all the google results for “air conditioning service near me” and don’t know which servicing or repair plans are the right plans for you, don’t worry. Our mission here at Direct Air Conditioning is to make servicing or repair easy and simple, with no perplexing or convoluted plans. We focus on customer satisfaction, and with our expert, fully qualified team of skilled engineers, our service and repair covers everything, from pre-inspection tests to full maintenance and filter servicing and deep clean of any air-con device, meaning you never have to google “ac technician near me”, or “air conditioning service near me” ever again.

Established in 2003,  Direct Air Conditioning started out with one simple goal: To provide the highest quality air conditioning units and air conditioning services for the lowest possible price. This goal also extends to our maintenance and repair service, as we’re trying to expand and spread knowledge about air conditioning units across the nation, helping air conditioners and our customers along the way. The rates of installation for air conditioning and other HVAC systems has been steadily on the rise in the UK, and it shows, as it’s practically unheard of to enter an office, business premises or your local supermarket without a gentle, transcendental clean AC breeze greeting you on the way in.


Many people are led to believe that air conditioning is bad for the environment and is more expensive to run than systems such as central heating. This was probably true back in the 1950s when air conditioning systems were relatively new, and not thoroughly researched or developed yet. In today’s day and age, air conditioning systems are not only more efficient than any other heating system, but they are also cleaner and more environmentally friendly than things like central heating, which rely on burning fossil fuels and contribute to depleting our precious Earth’s natural resources.

This is why air conditioning and other HVAC systems have the potential to be 100% operational on renewable resources, such as solar panels, which we can also service and repair if you already own them. So, if you would like to take part in saving our planet, consider installing and signing up for one of our servicing plans, and help us in our mission to spread the good word about air conditioning! We are exceptionally good at what we do, so if you’re looking for “air conditioning service near me” don’t hesitate, and ring us today.

Our partnership with Daikin Industries

Here at Direct Air Conditioning, we are extremely proud to be partnered with Daikin, a global leader in air conditioning and HVAC systems. Thanks to our partnership, we stock only the latest and most advanced models on the market, with our skilled engineer team being fully licenced to service and repair them. We pride ourselves on our technical abilities and expansive knowledge about air conditioning systems, and can fix or service just about any air conditioning model or brand, however with our premium air-con models from Daikin, we can do it quicker. better and cheaper than most. Wondering about finding the right “ac service near me”? You have come to the right place. 


Daikin’s air conditioning systems are known around the world for their quality and lifespan, as well as their superior build and advanced technology. With Daikin, some of their models use renewable resources for fuel, being eco-friendly and saving you costs on energy bills. Also, Daikin uses their patented streamer technology, which uses oxidative decomposition in order to filter out odours, bacteria and indoor air pollutants, such as formaldehyde. Streamer technology even has the power to inactivate up to 99.9% of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), making your home or business safer than ever before. This is also why regular maintenance of your air-con is crucial, as we can keep this technology operating at optimum performance. And ensuring the air-con works at peak performance is ensuring a safe environment. So, if you’re looking for “air conditioning service near me”, choose Direct Air Conditioning, and call us today.


Here at Direct Air Conditioning, we offer short, one-off maintenance services, or longer-term, periodical maintenance services, depending on your needs. Our most basic package is a simple “one-off”, package, which includes a pre-inspection, covering leak, temperature and refrigerant checks, as well as a full service, full clean and a full detailed report. At just £99, this is one of the best value services in the industry. 

Other packages include periodical maintenance checks, including our silver “saver” package, which is an annual check covering everything the “one-off” package covers, for a minimum of three years. However, this package is valued at £89 a year, which is an even better deal than the one-off, saving you money and giving you peace of mind.

If you are interested in long term maintenance, as well as bigger savings, Direct Air Conditioning can offer you the gold “deluxe” package, which is a bi-annual check, covering everything the other packages offer, for a minimum 10 year period. At only £79 a year, you get not one, but two checks per year, leaving you with some serious savings for your home over the covered period. In addition to this, our “business” maintenance plan, which is eligible for premises with more than five air-con units, covers everything we mentioned before, including a VRV check, all for just £35 per unit. 


These prices are as cheap as you can get, and if that is not enough, don’t forget that with our periodical plans, The first service is completely free! This is what makes us the best in the business, so if you are looking for “air conditioner repair near me”, or if none of these plans seem right for you, ring us today and arrange your very own, personalised air-con maintenance custom plan!


Here at Direct Air Conditioning, we care about customer satisfaction. We never want you to struggle finding “ac repair near me”, especially when you need one. That is why with us, we make things simple, and our expert team will fix and maintain your home or business air conditioning quickly and efficiently, without charging you an arm and a leg. We want you to fully enjoy the experience that air-con has to offer, and with 10,000+ units fixed and over 3000 happy customers, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your air-con’s maintenance is in the right hands, Never struggle to find “air conditioning service near me” again, and give us a ring today and become part of the Direct Air Conditioning family, to help us build a cooler, better and brighter future.

Popular Areas For Air Conditioning Repair And Servicing

We operate across England, Scotland and Wales. Here are some of our most popular areas for air con repair and servicing near you.

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