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Looking for air conditioning installation near me? We fit air con for homes or businesses in England, Scotland and Wales. We fit any brand, but prefer Daikin. Free quotes and site surveys.

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free 5 year warranty

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We're part of FM Solutions Group, one of the UK's most trusted facilities management groups

17+ Years Experience

We've been air con engineers in the UK since 2003, so we've had our ten thousand hours

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Air conditioning installers near me who also service, repair and more

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AC installation near me and anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales

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"Finally got air con and don't know how I went so long without it. Excellent service from these guys, lovely friendly staff and got a great deal on the system"
Ms Attenborough
"You took over from another company that was messing us around. Nice to deal with professionals who know what they are doing!"
Mr Wright
"Would recommend definitely, they were a breeze to work with hahaha"
Mr Cambridge

Some Cool Customers

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We'll beat the price quoted by any Daikin air con installer in the UK

Why Daikin Air Conditioning?

you deserve the best

Smart Controls

You can control up to 150 air conditioning systems with your smart phone or a remote control

high quality

Daikin creates air con units to the highest standard and is known for making high quality products

Low cost

Top quality yet cheaper than high end brands, plus save on repairs because Daikin AC is so reliable

energy efficient

Packed with innovations that cut your energy bills and maximise your return on investment

long lasting

With almost 100 years experience, Daikin know how to make air con units that go the distance

quiet operation

Fresh, clean, cool air at your ideal temperature yet peacefully quiet, for comfort without concern

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Looking for air conditioning installation near me? Can’t decide which unit is the right size for your home or business? Different brands charging infuriatingly high prices and installation fees? Do not worry, the experts at Direct Air Conditioning have you covered! With our premium range of air conditioning units, we guarantee you will never lose your cool!

Direct Air Conditioning is the number one trusted air conditioning seller and service provider in your area, and we specialise in guaranteeing the lowest prices and customer satisfaction wherever we go. We provide only the highest standard of install, whether it’s for your home or a commercial business, and with bases all around the UK, we install our quality units nationwide. If you’re browsing for “AC fitting near me”, have a look below at what we offer.

Our mission:

Googling for “air conditioning installation near me” can be a daunting task, and you might be wondering what makes Direct Air Conditioning so special. Well wonder no more, and let us tell you a bit about ourselves:

Established in 2003, Direct Air Conditioning started out with one simple goal: To provide the highest quality air conditioning units and air conditioning services for the lowest possible price. This mission was established in order to not only provide homes and commercial business premises with maximum comfort whatever the weather, but it was also to spread the word that air conditioning can be a vastly superior system to central heating, which is wasteful, archaic and inefficient. It is important to note that air conditioning and HVAC systems can operate on renewable energy sources, whilst most central heating operates on burning fossil fuels. So if you’re looking to help the environment, and find “the best ac installation near me”, we are here to help!

Direct Air Conditioning are specialists in air conditioning installation and maintenance, with our expert team being qualified and licenced in both commercial installation and home installation, meaning we can bring an exceptionally professional standard to any job, no matter how big or small. We can also fit just about any air conditioning unit, so if you are looking for air conditioning fitting near me, you have come to the right team.

Partnered with Daikin Industries Ltd, a global leader in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems, we are proud to stock and install an excellent premium range of the latest Daikin models, which are the most technologically advanced models on the market.  

Daikin AC fitting near me

We at Direct Air Conditioning can fit and service all brands and systems, however, we highly recommend Daikin as the brand of choice. Their models are known to be more advanced, efficient, energy-saving, and longer-lasting than the competition, as evidenced by their £300 million Research and Development centre. In addition to this, Daikin Air Con models bring even more to the table, such as renewable heat systems, lower kW usage, better efficiency, and even clean air systems.

Powered by renewable energy, the Daikin Altherma model has been installed more than 250,000 times worldwide since its launch. With an A* energy efficiency label, it is powered by 65% renewable energy extracted from the air, and only uses 35% electricity, which can also be sourced from renewable energy, such as solar panels. If you already own solar panels and keep them protected with our patented proofing, your Daikin air-con can not only be extremely cheap to run and efficient, it would also help to save the climate.

In addition to air-con being efficient, some Daikin models use their patented streamer technology, which uses oxidative decomposition in order to get rid of odours, bacteria and indoor air pollutants such as formaldehyde. This technology even inactivates up to 99.9% of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), making your home or business not only the perfect climate but also a safe climate, so you never have to worry. Daikin put quality above everything else, and so do we, so when looking for the best air conditioning installation near me, choose Direct Air Conditioning.


Here at Direct Air Conditioning, we are no stranger to jobs big and small and are just as happy to install big, commercial air-con units as we are to install smaller, private air-con systems, all according to your needs. We have almost two decades of experience under our belt, with our expert team getting bigger and better every day, so when you are looking at ac installation near me, our capable hands are ready to provide the best possible service for your home or business. 

We know how important it is when choosing to install an air-con for your home or business, the air-con models are right and adapted specifically for your needs, but which models are right for your needs? Instead of tediously googling “AC installation service near me”, take a look at our model breakdown below to choose what you need for home or business installation:


Not even that long ago, owning a car with air conditioning was considered the ultimate luxury. In today’s day and age, trying to find a car without air-con is a nigh-impossible task. Cars without air-con are a relic of the past, and the times have moved on to reflect our air-con cooling needs as a society. The same can be said about air conditioning facilities in your home, as air conditioning installation rates for homes in Europe have been skyrocketing in the past few years. Countries such as Japan or the US already recognise the energy and climate saving, practical benefits of air conditioning, as almost 90% of their homes have air conditioning installed, keeping it cool for summer, and hot for winter. 

Our expert teams can find a way to fit air con in virtually every room in your house, customer satisfaction guaranteed. Along with customer satisfaction, you can also apply for a renewable heat incentive with some of the models we stock, meaning that your air-con has the potential to pay for itself in the long run. So if you are looking for the ultimate solution for home air conditioning installation near me, ring Direct Air Conditioning today!


Just as the car air conditioning systems have become a modern standard of today’s society, so has commercial, business air-con installation. Businesses and Commercial units thrive with good air conditioning, as it is the golden standard of good business practice. Not only does air conditioning help to maintain the desired climate for your products and surroundings, but it also keeps customers and employees happy and satisfied. Combining air con with air curtains for your entrance is another great way of saving money and inviting customers in. Installing air conditioning for your business also has the added benefit of a non-domestic renewable heat incentive, which businesses can apply for to partly cover the cost of installation. This is why researching air conditioning installation near me is crucial for your business, and with Direct Air Conditioning, you could not have found a better place for installation and service.


Whether it’s for your home or business, with Direct Air Conditioning you don’t have to worry about any paid quotes or hidden fees, the only thing we care about is customer satisfaction, and will never overcharge you or sell you things you don’t need. With our installation, you get a free 5-year warranty for peace of mind if anything does not perform as well as it should. We also throw in the first air-con maintenance service for free. This is what makes us the best in the field and number one for customer satisfaction, and with over 9000+ systems installed, when you are browsing for “ac fitting near me”, you can rest assured there is no one better than us. So give us a ring today, and find out quotes and other information in minutes! 

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We operate across England, Scotland and Wales. Below are some of our most popular areas for air con installation / fitting.

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